Smart finance management for your business

Open a separate bank account along with debit cards dedicated for all your business finances. A primary necessity for every business owner who wants to succeed.

BIZ301 finance application comes with

Business account

Multiple virtual
debit cards

Bank accounts

Payments &

We have specifically built it for small business operations.

Unlike other standalone finance applications, BIZ301 finance application is built to cater to the unique needs of small businesses. Above all, it works well alongside your existing bank accounts.

Easiest way to collect & track payment

The finance application comes with all the tools you’ll need to collect and track payment seamlessly.

Hassle-free salary & vendor payouts

Now you can make salary payouts to employees or make single or bulk payouts to vendors with a single click. You can also do the same with a simple file upload.

Smarter expense management

Generate real-time visibility of all your team expenses with virtual cards

Create multiple cards for different teams

Set limits and assign virtual cards to team mates

Make subscription payments like AWS, Godaddy, Google or Facebook ads

Manage expense approval flow and reimbursement in one place

Connect all accounts

Link all your bank accounts together in one
place and view balances & transactions

Powering 10,000+ businesses with smarter finance management

You can also integrate to other BIZ301 apps





Business the way you’ve wanted it

Simple | Smarter | Better