How to use biz301 invoice for your small business (A Detailed Guide)

There isn’t any better feeling for a small business owner than the feeling of receiving prompt payment from a very happy customer. I have experienced it myself, it’s such a feeling I cannot explain. 

For me, It’s a big sign I am doing something right. 

If collecting money from your customers hasn’t always been such a smooth experience for you, no worries, I promise you will never face such a challenge again after reading this guide. 

In this guide, I am going to show you how to collect money from your customers/clients using the BIZ301 invoice payment application. (link to biz301 invoice page)

Let’s get straight to it. 

BIZ301 invoice empowers both small and medium scale businesses to quickly create and send invoices with a few clicks of a button both locally and internationally. 

How to get started with the BIZ301 invoice 

If you hate reading boring articles, here’s a quick video that will help you start sending invoices with Biz301 invoice faster than the speed of light 

Still, confused about the importance of invoices to your business? go ahead and read this detailed article, it clearly answers the question “What is an invoice”.

Step #1

First thing first, you do need a phone or laptop browser to use the BIZ301 invoice. As at the time of writing this article, the application is only accessible via browsers. 

Now that you have your browser handy, 


biz301 invoice homepage

You are only a few minutes from sending your first invoice. 

Step #2

Since the invoice software is free for everyone to use, go ahead and click on the “start free trial button” as a first time user else, feel free to log in. 

Biz301 invoice start a trial

Using the free trial, you can begin sending invoices to your local and foreign clients for free. Yes, you heard me. It’s free forever 

Know what’s more, BIZ301 comes with tons of other features that improve and enhance the way you send invoices and receive payment. 

To find these features, scroll to the mid-section of the website using your phone or laptop browser. 

See a sneak peek of some of the many features below. 

Biz301 invoice features workthrough

After signing up, you will be able to use all the features available in the Biz301 invoice. 

Back to getting started with your trial. 

Enter a unique name to serve as your business domain in the box.

biz301 invoice signup page

Then click on the “check domain”. 

If the name you provided hasn’t been taken by another BIZ301 user, the application will proceed to the next screen. But, if the name has been taken, you must enter a different name until you find one that is unique. 

Congratulations you were able to find a unique name. 

Now, it’s time to enter your Business name, work email address, password and country of choice, 

It’s good practice to use complicated passwords. A combination of letters, numbers and irregular characters. 

Filled in the details, click on Create account. 

Biz301 invoice checkout

Congratulations again, if you see the green mark above, it means you have successfully signed up.

Step #4

Finding your way around the Biz301 invoice dashboard. 

biz301 invoice dashboard

The BIZ301 invoice is part of the Biz301 range of tools. Other options include finance, expense tracking, helpdesk and much more. 

Click on the invoice tab. 

biz301 invoice label

Clicking on it will take you to the invoice application dashboard. 

biz301 invoice create a dashboard

As a new user, you wouldn’t see anything on this dashboard. While for existing users, this dashboard serves as a quick overview of your business health. It shows you your total sent invoice, paid invoices and outstanding balance if any. 

Step #4

Create Your invoice 

Click on the “Add” button to create your first invoice. A new dashboard should open, all you have to do here is fill in the blank details according to the presented template. 

biz301 invoice dasboard

Among other details, it’s important you enter the following details:

  • your customer name
  • customer’s email
  • invoice due date
  • quantity of product/service
  • cost of product or service 
  • tax deduction if any 
  • discount
  • shipping cost and address if you are shipping a physical product

Entering these detail will do two things for you:

  • enable you to document your sales 
  • track your payment real time 
  • enable you to send invoice to your customer immediately

BIZ301 invoice allows you to get paid for multiple items/services. Simply click on the “Add another item” button to create a new field.

Step #5

Send your invoice 

Click send once you are comfortable with the information you have entered. It’s a good business practice to cross-check the details you entered, especially the figures before sending. 

Furthermore, you get the chance to save the invoice and send it later should you not want to send it now. 

Once you click on the send button, the BIZ301 invoice saves a copy for you and also sends the same to your customer so they can pay you. 

Next, you will see a summary of your newly-created invoice. 

Here you can track paid, unpaid and every outstanding figure that matters to your business. 

This is a sample of the email BIZ301 invoice sent to your customer/client.

biz301 invoice summary

That’s a summary of how to set up and get paid by your customers using the BIZ301 invoice. 

There is a feature I didn’t share with you. It’s called the reminder feature. 

How to use Biz301 Reminder Feature.

Biz301 invoice allows you to remind your client/customer to pay their invoice on a certain date. It ranges from within a few hours to anytime you set. 

To access it, simply scroll to the left section of your invoice creation page as you see on the image below. 

There you go, 

In just a few steps, you have learnt how to create and send your own invoice in Biz301. 

Ready to get started sending invoices for free?  Visit the BIZ301 website,  sign up and start receiving local and international payments. 

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