The desire to
create something!

People love creating, sometimes as a way to express themselves, but maybe art comes from a much deeper place.

as an art

Software development is more art than science. At BIZ301, each piece of software is created with the understanding of the individual nature of different business operations. We understand that different businesses’ operations are highly unique from the way software is used. Our entire team has had to be artistic to cater for this.

Critical to our
a mission

Businesses rely on technology to help them operate on a daily basis. From laptop computers with Internet capabilities to printers, online file storage and Web-based applications, technological advances impact businesses across various industries. It is important to acknowledge this, as failure not to, may result in non-success in some goal-oriented activities.


The technologies that you invest in as a small business owner are arguably the most important decisions you will make. Identifying a business process that can be automated, improved, or made more efficient via technology can dramatically improve your productivity, and ultimately improve your profit margins.

Simplicity in our approach

We think business software should cover complex needs without being complicated

Laser-like Focus

Our Apps help small and medium sized businesses automate and optimize their business engagements on a daily basis to increase the values of their enterprise and revenues; we are deeply invested in customer success.

Quest for Affordability

BIZ301 is committed to keeping costs low. Nothing will stop our search at ensuring our solutions are economical, cost-effective and convenient for all small & medium sized businesses

Customer Growth, our product pricing and the advantage we offer

To prosper and grow, most businesses try to keep their initial cost outlays in acquiring assets, attracting new talents and fund investments low as they pursue growth. Mindful of this, we support our customers to keep initial expenses low by offering them a free subscription for the first user. There will be no financial commitment until you add another user.

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